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How much do your services cost?

How much do your services cost?

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We are often called customers and asked the question "How much is a wedding at your agency?" To be honest, we ourselves do not know how much your wedding can cost. After all, it all depends on your desire and your capabilities!

Weddings are different. The smallest wedding can be for five guests and the largest for 300 and ... guests. In terms of trends, uniqueness and individuality have thousands of possibilities. Some organize their wedding in the mountains and in the cave, while others show their hospitality at sea or in the field. It usually depends on what the young couple likes. There are a number of small things that characterize it. Nowadays, young people often return to tradition. And sometimes they choose their wedding to be on different topics.

- What does it take to have a wedding?

- One of the most important conditions is - to be in love! Another important prerequisite is that you enjoy this day. Because, the mood of the newlyweds is copied by the guests at their wedding. If you smile, dance and be merry - your guests will do the same.

Weddings are made downtown or outdoors, in tents, in expensive restaurants or in antique mansions. It is important to understand what you want.

The classic option is a banquet venue, a host and a photographer. It is characteristic of us that we do so. turnkey weddings. With the organization of all actors - DJ, presenter, photographer, videographer, decorators, makeup artist, hairdresser, confectioner and more. A wedding can be made for any amount. It is very important to understand what you want to get as a result. Some spend BGN 10,000 for their celebration, others spend BGN 50,000. But it's important to prioritize and put most of your budget into what's important to you: music, video, food, or entertainment. Choose each one for yourself.

- When is it worth calling the wedding organizer?

- By paying for the services of the organizer, you gain not just an advisor, but competencies and experience. At the restaurant you see how convenient and beautiful it is, but you don't know if the food is delicious. One of the organizer's tasks is to give the best quality for the best price.

- Let's look at the prices of all contractors in detail.