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Decor and flowers

Decor and flowers

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Why is decor expensive? Because we live in Bulgaria and the flowers come from Europe. Working with flowers is also expensive: they have to be ordered, taken from the warehouse, watered, cleaned and made a bouquet of them - this is a big deal. Bouquets cost from 60 to 200 levs, on average - 90 - 120 levs.

In addition to natural flowers, we also work with handmade flowers made of high quality paper - very high class, which are boutique-made everything by hand.

Decor can be made for any money. We look at what the guests will pay the most attention to: this is where the newlyweds sit and the exit ceremony. For example, if the wedding is for 70 people, then it is six or seven guest tables. That is, six to seven central flower arrangements start at BGN 80. But the decoration may also include a tablecloth, napkins, napkin rings, appliances, fine dishes, a twig or flower decoration, a menu, a business card for sitting. The bouquet of the table can be low or high, and the price will vary depending on the number of things.

If we are talking about an exit ceremony, then it can be made from 350 to 3 000 BGN. We spend on average 800 - 1 500 BGN. It's important to find out what an exit ceremony means to you: it may just be an arch with flowers, but for some it can be chairs, a table, containers for rings, baskets for girls who make rose petals, light, carpet, podium .

When choosing a specialist, keep in mind that there are flowers and there are flower decorators. The decorator is a multifunctional specialist. You describe the task, and he himself deals with the issues of tablecloths, the development of various types of necessary designs and the whole technical part of floral beauty. The decorator is usually not one person but a team. Due to the variety of materials and ideas, the cost of the decoration will be different.