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How Much Should I Prepare for a Restaurant?

How Much Should I Prepare for a Restaurant?

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Again, different menu requirements and banquet halls are observed. The offer is also different - catering, a block table or a menu prepared at the restaurant itself.

The average good menu costs from 60 to 100 levs per person, without alcohol and cake. But there are restaurants that offer a price lower - from 40-50 leva or an envelope with the possibility of importing alcohol. Beware with catering: You may be offered a price of BGN 40 or more, but this does not include transportation costs, staffing, hire of tables and chairs.

And the cherry on the cake is the cake itself. If you want your cake to be as beautiful as it is delicious, the price of one piece of cake with high quality products will cost you from 6 to 9 BGN per piece. To calculate how many pieces you need, you need to collect the number of guests. Keep in mind that the decor is included in the cake itself. The price of the cake also depends on the complexity of the decor. Some couples prefer a small cake for the ritual itself, and then order a dessert from the restaurant.