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Videographer - how to choose it?

Videographer - how to choose it?

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The buyers of the video are not their young couple, but their children. When choosing a videographer watch his work. What you will see on the Internet are usually short videos of three to five minutes, which include the most interesting wedding events. Yes, there are films in 30-40 minutes and very rarely in 1-1.5 hours. When shooting this short video for three minutes, the videographer should stay at the wedding all day, that is, for about twelve hours: from the bride taking to the final cutting of the cake and fireworks.

Prices for this service are very different. They start at BGN 850 and reach BGN 3,500. On average, customers choose between 1,200 and 2,000 BGN for video. The price depends on the experience of the specialist and the number of cameras and operators involved. If you want high quality shooting, then the prices for it start from 700 levs and go up to 1 500 levs. In my opinion, a good videographer cannot cost less than BGN 1,500, and a good photographer cannot pay less than BGN 1,000 for a full day.