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Wedding decorations

Wedding decorations

Wedding décor lends uniqueness to your wedding. When the moment when your guests say "UUU" to the created decoration according to your idea, then our satisfaction comes. The right combination of beautiful scenery combined with your coat of arms on most items gives you a sense of grandeur.

Wedding in gold

A wedding in golden colors is a celebration worthy of kings and monarchs. Glitter, luxury, gold jewelry - it's all about the wedding of your dreams!

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Wedding in deep blue

Today, wedding decoration in blue is becoming an increasingly current option. This color has a special symbolism and emphasizes the serious attitude of the newlyweds to their future married life.
Blue symbolizes prudence and sincerity in the Orthodox culture, and in the west - stability and nobility, in far-off India - wisdom.
The door, as a symbol, is the entrance to a new life.

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Wedding in turquoise

When you choose turquoise color for your wedding, you will fulfill your celebration with mood and color.

The turquoise color symbolizes generosity, love, consciousness, independence and self-confidence, successful people choose that color. Turquoise as a symbol of freshness of spirit, thought and harmony is suitable for young couples full of energy. The fashionable, stylish turquoise wedding is most related to the sea theme.

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Wedding in jade

The decoration in green is suitable for a young and harmonious couple and brings a sense of calm and confidence.

Green is probably the most popular shade because it is suitable for any time of the year and is combined with almost any color palette.

Green is one of the few flowers that is considered favorable in almost all crops.

Among Muslims, it is associated with heavenly enjoyment, among Buddhists - a peaceful life, among the Chinese - with harmony and perspective, and in Ancient Russia - with youth, magic and mother nature.

An interesting fact is that the day of the ceremony is called the green wedding and the whole next year until the first anniversary, so the choice is very logical.

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Wedding in carneol

Orange is the embodiment of cheerful and positive energy, joy and abundance. Just as bright citrus fruits are good for the body, so is orange for emotions. Chosen as the decoration of the wedding party, the newlyweds will receive an unforgettably bright and cheerful holiday that will be remembered by guests for a long time and will delight you with beautiful photos for many years to come.

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Wedding in coral

The coral is rich and cheerful in color and will look great in wedding designs from all seasons. In winter it will play in contrast to the snow, in spring it will look great with pastel shades, in the summer the coral will fit perfectly into the design of a wedding in nature, and in the fall it will blend perfectly with the greenery.
This color is beautiful in that it creates a different mood depending on the shade: it can be bright and juicy, which will make you smile, it can be warm and muted, which will add comfort and romance.

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Wedding in ethnic style

Each nation has its own wedding traditions. And they can be the basis of the celebration. There is no need to choose a topic regarding the nationality and place of birth of the newlyweds. There are two main ways to emphasize national color in design: the use of country flag colors and the use of national attributes. Most often both are used at once. As with interior design in a similar style, natural materials and shades will prevail in the design of the celebration.

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