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The photographer

The photographer

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Now there are many photographers. On the one hand, there is a great choice, but in search it is very easy to go wrong. When choosing a photographer for you - we strive for the chosen one to fit your vision. Yes, of course you can ask friends to browse the Internet. You can search on social networks such as Instagram. But not always the high rating of the photographer in the catalog or the large number of subscribers on social networks is an indicator of professionalism and quality.

We study the photographer's portfolio extensively, seeking to find the emotions in his photographs. Our suggestions for the photographer are individual - the photos must meet your soul.

With the photographer you choose, you choose emotions and mood, so it is very important to meet him and get to know you before the wedding. This is the person who will follow the young couple as a shadow throughout the day, so you should be comfortable with him. Our photographers range from 700 leva to 1 500 leva, depending on the package you choose, but the average price for a wedding photo is 700-1000 leva per wedding day. We do not recommend saving from a photographer, it is better to shrink into some other expense items because the wedding result is your family photos. And you can get a good photographer, but not for the whole wedding day, but for half a day, for example. It will save money but the photos will be great and you can capture the main topics of the day.

Often in meetings, couples tell us that they do not know how to pose and generally do not like to shoot. On the wedding day, the newlyweds are very happy and sincere in their emotions - this is a guarantee for a good photo. It is important to remember that an experienced photographer will always show you a good pose and create the right atmosphere during the shoot. A good way to check if it's convenient to work with a photographer and learn how to pose is to schedule a pre-shoot.