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Why wedding agency "Bochukovi"

Why wedding agency "Bochukovi"

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Planning the perfect wedding is much more than choosing and booking a wedding venue and contractor. The important thing is to assemble them into one puzzle, when each element is an important addition to the other. Organizing a wedding requires creativity, attention to detail, organization, contacts, time and complete dedication. Arranging a wedding can be a very fun and enjoyable process, but when working full-time, when pressed by deadlines, the requirements of bosses and / or demanding clients, planning your own wedding can actually be a very stressful trip of 250 to 300 business hours. This is about two and a half months full-time.


1. At our first meeting, we get to know you and your idea of ​​the wedding day. We get your views on the place, concept, theme, vision, number of guests.
2. We will analyze your needs and offer options for restaurant, decoration, presenter, photo and video shooting.
3. Together we will come to budgeting your wedding and signing a contract.

Bochuki Wedding Agency works to ensure you have a relaxing day until your wedding day.


7 reasons to hire a wedding agency

1. When you work hard and don't have enough free time. Preparing for a wedding requires a lot of free time: finding and meeting contractors, choosing a venue for a party, exploring information about multiple wedding portals, sites, profiles, and magazines. If you work hard, then it is better to transfer all these cases to the shoulders of a professional organizer.
2. When you have short deadlines. The basic rule for successful preparation in the shortest possible time is the help of a wedding organizer who has a wealth of experience and will help you choose the best option for a given budget without paying for the urgency.
3. When you have a large number of guests. The more guests at the wedding, the more difficult it is to anticipate and control. Therefore, you do not need to test for strength, it is better to contact professionals.
4. When you do not imagine what kind of wedding you want. If you do not know what your ideal wedding day should be and have never been interested in wedding themes until the wedding, the organizer will definitely help you understand it.
5. When you live abroad. If you want to make your wedding in another country, be sure to ask for help at a wedding agency that specializes in organizing celebrations in your chosen region. Proven professionals, sites, knowledge and experience in celebrations will help you avoid many problems.
6. When you want to rationally allocate your budget. Do you want to avoid unnecessary costs? A wedding planner will help you allocate your budget properly, tell you what you can save and absolutely not.
7. When you want a grand wedding. Wedding projects of this format are almost impossible to organize independently without the help of professionals who, based on the history of your couple, will be able to offer and make a unique wedding concept a reality.