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Bachelorette party

Bachelorette party

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The organization of the Maiden's party is no less exciting than the wedding itself. It's not easy to organize a memorable, original party.


Who initiates the girl's party - your girlfriends, sister or godfather. The format is chosen individually, depending on the preferences of the bride and her friends. It can be held in a café or spa, and why not in a chic limo.


Here are some ideas.


Celebration in the car.


As a rule, all girls like this party because it is always nice to ride in a limousine with music and champagne. You can fully relax, you can also include photo sessions, visits to various restaurants and bars in your program. The girls are wearing beautiful long dresses in dress code or wearing a bright accessory (for example, ties of the same color). Such a party will be a good memory and great fun for all guests.


A girl's party at home or a pajama party.


For those who want to spend their holiday in a relaxed atmosphere, you can get home for a so-called pajama party. At home, girls can have tea and have a chat. If the bride is not superstitious, you can also invite a playful professional.


Party abroad.


For her bride and girlfriend, we can arrange a trip to the warm countries for a few days or for a weekend in Europe.


It is worth thinking in advance of a photographer who can capture these fun moments and why not have a photo shoot with makeup artist and different outfits, which is a gift from the bride to her girlfriends.